About Us

Welcome Aboard Southern Yacht Charters

Southern Yacht Charters was born from a blend of maritime passion and a deep affection for Hilton Head Island, marking the beginning of a unique venture. This fusion sparked the creation of Southern Yacht Charters, a testament to its founders’ shared dreams.

Jonathan Sands brings over 15 years of expertise as a marine surveyor of catamarans, ensuring safety and quality in our charters. His background is complemented by a degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. His wife, with roots in Hilton Head’s golf industry and a Master’s in hospitality management, introduced Jonathan to the island, sparking the creation of Southern Yacht Charters through their mutual passions.

Your Invitation

Navigating the waters of Hilton Head Island can be daunting with its changing tides, unfamiliar waterways, and hidden sandbars. That’s where we step in, allowing you to relinquish the helm and immerse yourself in the joy of the moment, surrounded by family and friends.

The waters of Hilton Head Island offer much to explore, and Southern Yacht Charters is here to guide you through it, leaving stress and responsibilities at the dock. Whether you’re a first-time visitor seeking adventure or a local looking for a new way to experience the island, we invite you to join us. We provide a range of charter options, such as dinner cruises, sunset cruises, fireworks cruises, brunch cruises, Dafuski Island cruises, and customized trips that can last from half to a full day.

Let Southern Yacht Charters be your host to memories and experiences that resonate long after you’ve disembarked. Step aboard for your next great adventure.